There’s a deficit of US dollars n the open request, ” Zafar Paracha, General Secretary at the Exchange Companies Association of Pakistan( ECAP), verified to Business Archivist on Monday.


The deficit comes at a time when the rupee has remained largely stable in theinter-bank, swimming around Rs219- 220 for nearly a week. In the open request, ECAP quoted rates to be Rs222.70( buying) and Rs224.90( selling).

Still, the rates proved to be pointless as multiple exchange companies and dealers reported having no bones

with them. officers at these companies said the deficit has persisted for nearly a week.


PKR largely stable

“ Bone is traded at Rs232 through unauthorised channels. This is attracting merchandisers towards the slate request, and they’re avoiding formal channels of exchange companies, ” added Paracha.


Amid declining foreign exchange reserves, Pakistan has faced an exchange rate extremity multiple times this time with authorities covenanting a crackdown on bookmakers. The promised action comes in tandem with wild swings seen by the rupee that hit record lows in theinter-bank request, and witnessed its worst yearly performance in July in over 50 times.

The appearance of Ishaq Dar at the helm of the finance ministry did spark a bullish trend in the currency request, with the rupee appreciating nearly 10 in lower than three weeks, but it also led authorities to suspect manipulation by banks and exchange companies.


In response, the State Bank of Pakistan( SBP) said at the launch of October it’ll soon complete the disquisition into contended manipulation by marketable banks of foreign exchange operations in the country.

“ The examinations are being carried out by the controller and results might come soon, ” the principal prophet for the SBP Abid Qamar had said back also.


On Monday, the SBP didn’t respond to requests for a comment.

Meanwhile, Paracha said that on a regular day,$ 50- 60 million bones

are traded in the open request. “ still, at the moment, lower than$ 5 million are being traded. The bone

is being smuggled to Afghanistan. Despite central bank’s measures, smuggling remains rampant as it seems that government institutions aren’t on the same runner. ”



The currency dealer said the government needs to readdress its trade and immigration programs with Afghanistan and Iran.


“ Thousands are coming on a diurnal base from the neighbouring countries, leading to smuggling of bones

, ” he said.


Paracha added that the government needs to relax rules for exchange companies, as strict procedural conditions are making guests reticent to approach the open- request.


On the other hand, Malik Bostan, President Forex Association of Pakistan( FAP), dismissed reports of deficit, saying that the US dollar is available.


“ There’s no deficit of dollars in the open request, ” he told Business Recorder. “ The foreign currency is available in ‘ A ’ order exchange companies but not in lower bones

. ”



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