During the week ended on September 2, 2022, SBP entered$,1166 million from IMF under EFF program, ” SBP said in a statement. “ After counting for external debt and other payments, SBP reserves increased by$,103 million to$ million. ”

 پاکستان زيرمي د آئي ايم ايف قسط ميلاويدو  وروسته جمله 14.50 ميليارد ډالرو ته رسيدلي

 The reserves ’ position is critical for Pakistan which has been desperately seeking bone

inrushes to meet its balance- of- payments requirements.

A low position of reserves has caused severe pressure on its currency request with the rupee witnessing its worst yearly performance in July in over 50 times.


Since also, the rupee gained some ground as Pakistan met all previous conditions of the International Monetary Fund( IMF), a development that helped it secure$1.17 billion of flux under the Extended Fund Facility( EFF). It also needed a combination of an enhancement in Pakistan’s trade deficiency and realisation of import proceeds to halt a slide that saw the rupee close in on the 240 position in theinter-bank request

The Pakistani rupee closed at225.42 position on Thursday following a0.89 fall.



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