Though the IMF blessing was completely regard in, the requests soughed with relief when the$1.16 bn eventually came in. But again came anxious due to the record affectation of 27( mama). While affectation was extensively anticipated to transgress the 25 position, the catastrophe cause by the flood tide made the figures worse, and may remain high for the coming 2 months. The impact of this affectation will be significant in the ensuing areas


Bond yields Short term bond yields have traduced 2008 situations and some request actors are factoring in a farther rate hike. still, the sharp cut in GDP growth of 3 due to the cataracts will be a moment to reevaluate with focus on other tools to reduce affectation rather than just tighter financial policy.

Rupee to remain under pressure due to liquidity but more so because of affectation As per Tresmark estimates, REER for August end should go up to98.50 with equality at 218/$. So we see an adaptation to keep REER around the 92- 95 position and that would restate to 222- 226 range. Foreign aid for flood tide victims won’t add important relief with Pakistan still running a CAD( Aug est of$ 500 mn). still, PKR will again feel the heat, If the IMF plutocrat isn’t followed up by friendly countries plutocrat.

Maintaining positive macros With affectation and interest rates high, GDP growth, being reduced by 3 due to flood tide impact, will be a challenge to boost. Global Goods and grain prices will be crucial determinants of the growth process.

profitable retardation across the board The deluge touched off by climate change shows that the frugality is going to decelerate down significantly in the near to medium term. numerous LSMs ‘ temporarily ’ shutting down their shops because of shrinking demand is just one sign of how the profitable geography is shaping up. Recession erecting up in developed husbandry( Baltic dry indicator fell by44.8 in Aug) will put farther pressure on our deteriorating profitable situation.

Having said the over, the rupee isn’t the only currency losing value against the US bone

. Currencies across the board including EUR, JPY, INR, TRY have all downgraded against the bone

. The bone

indicator concrete up near 20- time highs above109.5 The crucial motorist for a strengthening bone

is the rise in interest rates by the US Federal Reserve to control affectation.



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