Pakistan’s rupee maintained its upward line against the US bone

for the tenth straight session, appreciating0.9 in theinter-bank request on Thursday.


As per the State Bank of Pakistan( SBP), the rupee closed at221.94 after appreciating Rs2 or0.90. In the last ten trading sessions, the rupee has cumulatively appreciated Rs17.76 or 8.

On Wednesday, Pakistan’s rupee appreciated against the US bone

for the ninth consecutive session, settling at223.94 after appreciating Rs1.7 or0.76.


The recent appreciation run is driven by a decline in academic exertion in the currency request, alongside the anticipation of central bank action against fiscal institutions involved in currency manipulation.

State Bank of Pakistan( SBP) principal prophet Abid Qamar on Wednesday said that the central bank will soon complete an disquisition into contended manipulation by marketable banks of foreign exchange operations in the country.


Pakistan’s rupee has changed hectically this time, particularly lately, hitting record lows against the US bone

last month before suddenly rising in recent days, leading authorities to suspect manipulation by banks and exchange companies.

“ The examinations are being carried out by the controller and results might come soon, ” Qamar said.


also, the Asian Development Bank( ADB) has also blazoned to provision of flood tide relief support to Pakistan to the tune of$2.3-2.5 billion, including$1.5 billion for the BRACE programme, which will ameliorate the inrushes position of the country.

Internationally, the bone

fought for a footing in choppy trade on Thursday, with support from upbeat US data and hawkish policymaker commentary, while the prospect of advanced energy prices helped exporters ’ currencies and counted on those of importers.


The US bone

indicator wobbled0.06 lower to110.86, off lows near 110 from earlier in the week, though some distance below last week’s 20- time high of114.78.

OilPainting prices, a crucial determinant of currency equality, stabilised near three- week highs on Thursday after OPEC agreed to further strain global crude force with a deal to slash product by about 2 million barrels per day, the largest reduction since 2020.


Inter-bank request rates for bone

on Thursday

BID Rs221.80


OFFER Rs222.80

Open- request movement


In the open request, the PKR gained3.50 rupees for both buying and dealing against USD, closing at221.50 and223.50, independently.

Against Euro, the PKR gained 2 rupees for both buying and selling, closing at 220 and 222 independently.


Against UAE Dirham, the PKR gained one rupee for both buying and selling, closing at 61 and61.50, independently.

Against Saudi Riyal, the PKR gained1.30 rupees for both buying and selling, closing at59.20 and59.70, independently.


Open- request rates for bone

on Thursday

BID Rs221.50


OFFER Rs223.50



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