September 2, 2022 in Karachi: As the IMF underlined that exchange rate flexibility should be given more weight than administrative and exchange measures in order to ease the BOP pressures, the Pakistani Rupee deppreciated by 82 paisa.

The Ministry of Finance asked for more time to remove all remaining limitations by the program’s new expiration date of end-June 2023, if BOP conditions allow.

The value of the Pakistani rupee decreased by 82 paisas, or 0.4%, to trade at 219.42 at 11:45 PST. Before the announcement of the inflation figures, the rupee touched a low of 217.25 in the interbank market before closing yesterday at 218.6, up 0.07%.

Pakistan’s general CPI inflation increased by 27.3% on an annual basis in August 2022, reaching a high not seen in 47 years.

At the end market close at 218.75 and 219.25 buying and selling receptively.

In open market buying and selling rate was 220 and 222 receptively.


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