Pakistan’s domestic debt is expected to be Rs. 31.085 trillion for 2022–2023 and Rs. 33.540 trillion for 2023–2024, according to the IMF’s report, “Seventh and Eighth Reviews Under the Extended Arrangement Under the Extended Fund Facility, Requests for Waivers of Nonobservance of Performance Criteria, and Extension, Augmentation, and Rephasing of Access.”

According to the report, Pakistan’s public debt is still deemed to be manageable under strong policies and robust economic growth, but with greater uncertainty. This increased uncertainty was partly caused by the fiscal relaxation in H2FY22, which prevented the debt ratio reduction that was anticipated at the time of the sixth review. According to current projections, the debt-to-GDP ratio will increase from 77.9 percent at the end of FY21 to 78.9 percent at the end of FY22 before dropping to about 60 percent by the end of FY27, given the adjustment measures occur


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