Google constituent seven and constituent seven professional early active video has been shared by a YouTuber on-lineeach the models of the approaching Google smartphones were allegedly early developer versions, and also the phones were solely seen with the bootloader screen. within the video, the YouTuber additionally shared some hardware specifications and style options of the 2 Google smartphones. The constituent six and constituent six professional were additionally featured within the video to check them with the alleged early developer versions of the Google constituent seven and constituent professional.

YouTube channel unpack medical care has shared a active video of the alleged early developer versions of the Google constituent seven and constituent seven professional. The video suggests that the approaching constituent smartphones can retain the horizontal layout for the rear camera module. The constituent seven may be seen with a twin rear camera setup, and also the constituent seven professional with a triple rear camera setup.

The Google emblem on each the handsets can be placed within the center of the rear panel, as per the video. in keeping with the YouTuber, the constituent seven and constituent seven professional can feature a “visor-like” styleit absolutely was additionally mentioned that the constituent six professional could be a very little taller and thicker than the constituent seven professional, as per the video. The constituent seven is claimed to be considerably shorter tall in comparison to the constituent sixeach the approaching Google smartphones might sport slimmer bezels than the constituent six series. The constituent seven series is additionally same to be dilutant than the constituent six series, however with identical rear camera module thickness.

The constituent seven professional early developer version was seen within the video with 12GB of LPDDR5 RAM and 256GB of storage. The bootloader screen of the constituent professional additionally suggests ‘cheetah EVT1.1′ code name, as seen within the unpack medical care video. The constituent seven, on the opposite hand, may be seen that includes 8GB of Samsung LPDDR5 RAM and 128GB storage. The telephone set may be seen with the codename ‘panther EVT1.1′. As per the video, the constituent seven professional might feature polished right and left spines, whereas, the constituent seven might get matte end sides. each the handsets area unit same to additionally support wireless charging, in keeping with the YouTuber.

At the front, the constituent seven and constituent seven professional may be seen within the unpack medical care video with a hole-punch show. The constituent seven professional might get a rather larger hole-punch cut out, the YouTuber same. The YouTuber additionally weighs the constituent seven series handsets. The constituent seven is claimed to be concerning 10g lighter than the constituent sixand also the constituent seven professional is claimed to be a few gram heavier than the constituent six professional.

To recall, Google constituent seven and constituent seven professional were excited at the Google I/O 2022 keynote event. each the flagship phones area unit same to launch later this year. they’re excited to be steam-powered by following generation Tensor SoC, and run on humanoid thirteen out-of-the-box.




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