A 15- member platoon of the Financial Action Task Force( FATF) still concluded a five- day visit to Pakistan this week, a move that may pave the way for Islamabad to eventually exit the slate list.


The findings of the 15- member FATF platoon would be bandied and reviewed in the coming meeting of FATF, listed in Paris in October.


The positive outgrowth of the onsite platoon’s findings would allow Pakistan to eventually come clean over scarcities in the system to check plutocrat laundering and terror backing.


sanctioned sources verified that the FATA platoon, which was given a state guest position protocol, stayed in the country from August 29 to September 2.


The Economic Coordination Committee( ECC) approved a special entitlement of Rs7 million for FATF Secretariat to give the 15- member FATF platoon accommodation, food and trip.


The visit was kept under wraps but sources said the FATA delegation held meetings with the applicable authorities and vindicated the way Pakistan had taken to fulfil the condition of transnational fiscal watchdog on plutocrat laundering and terror backing.


The FATF in June had suggested at Pakistan’s junking from the slate list after it concluded that Pakistan complied with the 34- point plan of action and agreed to shoot its platoon for the verification of those way.


Pakistan was placed on the slate list by FATF in June 2018 for scarcities in its system to check plutocrat laundering and terror backing.


It was first given a 27- point action plan and latterly another 7- point plan to misbehave with the FATF’s norms.


The major stumbling block was the persecution of certain UNSC designated individualities indicted of terror backing. Just days before the June grand FATF meeting in Berlin, Pakistanianti-terrorism court condemned Sajid Mir in terror backing case, commodity that induced the FATF members to admit Pakistan’s progress.


Pakistani officers were confident that the FATF platoon would give positive assessment of the country’s progress. officers, still, advised that the neighbouring country might still use its influence to drag Pakistan’s case.


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The United States is believed to have played a crucial part in icing the onsite visit for Pakistan as it expressed satisfaction with the country’s measures to check terror backing particularly executing the certain individualities.


The exit from the FATF slate list will restore Pakistan’s image and give confidence to the foreign investors for doing gambles in the country. The slate- table makes it hard for countries to do fiscal deals and raises the cost of doing business.


Pakistan’s likely junking from the slate list will help give motivation to its floundering frugality.



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