The use of sexualized medication has badly impacts its users with psychopathy and sexually transmitted infections (STIs), as well as the human immunological disorder virus (HIV).

The first ever study conducted in major cities of the country, as well as metropolis, Lahore, Quetta, Peshawar, and city titled ‘The Hidden Crisis’ discovered that seventy one.7% of users of chalkordinarily noted by its street names like crystal, trash and ice, are found engaged in sex work that ultimately spreads STIs.

Sharing the small print of the study conducted by Dareecha and Dostan, 2 non-governmental organizations, Raza Haider aforementioned that: “ice drug is well out there within the market. It’s not pricey and accessible to any or all individuals.”

Haider aforementioned that the study conjointly indicated that the users had mental state problems. “Methamphetamine or trash negatively affects the mental state of seventy.4% of its users. Their family life is disturbed and a few of them conjointly lost their jobs.”

The report conjointly discovered that fifty four.1% of users of the drug wished to prevent. “Only 17% wanted to continue it due to the potency they believed the drug stimulates,” he shared the findings.

Almost thirty fifth of respondents aforementioned throughout the study that they were raped or sexually molested once its use. It conjointly discovered that seventy four of users lost their physical health, as well as weight loss. “Almost sixty six of users were HIV positive and sixteen.2% were on treatment [for HIV],” Raheem Khan, another investigator aforementioned.

Sharing the small print, Khan aforementioned that the chance of sexual violence was higher because it blurred the lines of consent. He aforementioned that the chemsex conjointly diode a spread of negative social and economic impacts. “Many users need to prevent the active the chemsex however area unit unable to due to an absence of the support,” he added.

The lead investigator Dr Nida Kirmani aforementioned that to ban [the drug] wasn’t the answer. “It can go underground and can surface with some unsafe practices,” she explained. She aforementioned that the bevahior towards such individualsas well as transgenders, got to be understood.

“There is not any area for transgenders in mental state rehabilitation facilities even if somebody volitionally needs to prevent it,” a participant of the meeting highlighted. “Hate the medication not its users,” she additional.

The participants of the meeting urged the govt to form awareness amongst the key population of the key cities.



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