The district administration has issued a dengue fever virus alert for a minimum of 3 areas of the garrison town when an oversized variety of cases surfaced within the previous few days.

Sources aforesaid Girja Road, Chak Jaladin and Dupri areas are within the grip of dengue fever mosquitoes wherever sixty cases have surfaced within the previous few days. The district administration has declared these areas red zones and mobile laboratories are came upon for completing mass tests.

Health authorities have conjointly been directed to line up camp offices within the affected areas.

Sources aforesaid that special groups from urban center have conjointly reached urban center associatedisbursed an scrutiny of the affected areas. throughout the scrutiny, it transpired that the most reason for the dengue fever unfold in Girja Road, Chak Jaladin and Dupri was attributable to the dearth of water.

Sources aforesaid that it conjointly transpired that residents of those affected areas store water in open containers, that provides an appropriate setting for mosquitoes to breed and unfold within the entire town. The district administration has asked the Water and Sanitation Agency to make sure uninterrupted water within the affected areas in order that the folks failed to need to store water.

Health officers aforesaid that thirty six a lot of persons tested positive for the dengue fever virus throughout the last twenty four hours. District organizer Epidemics interference and management Dr Sajjad Mehmood aforesaid on Wed that the amount of infectious disease patients in district health facilities was unendingly increasing.

During the last twenty four hours, he said, twenty seven patients were delivered to hospitals from Potohar city3 from Taxila encampment2 from urban center encampment and urban center town and one from Kahuta and Taxila geographical area. He aforesaid that around 142 infectious disease suspects were delivered to the city’s hospitals within the last twenty four hours and of them, thirty six tested positive and fourteen probable.

He conjointly aforesaid that ten dengue-positive patients were admitted to the Holy Family Hospital, 3 to the Benazir Bhutto Hospital and one to the District Headquarters Hospital. Dr Sajjad aforesaid that the district administration has sealed 352 premises, registered 897 FIRs, issued 1,160 challans and five,427 notices, and obligatory a fine of Rs3,145,500 on violations of SOPs within the district since Jan one, 2022. He aforesaid that a complete application drive was underneath manner in localities, wherever dengue fever larvae had been found.

Sources aforesaid that revenue officers have conjointly been allotted the duty to require half within the application drive being disbursed within the affected areas. The district administration has ordered all officers involved to be gift within the affected areas.

Dr Sajjad aforesaid that the prevailing weather was appropriate for the breeding of dengue fever larvae and suggested voters to adopt preventative measures and inform the authorities involved if they found the dengue fever larvae in their homes and surroundings.



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