The constituent parties of the coalition government on Sunday slammed former prime minister Imran Khan’s statement within which he “threatened” capital of Pakistan police officers and a girl decide.

While addressing a protest rally in capital of Pakistan earlier these days, Imran warned the gamma globulin and DIG of capital of Pakistan police language that he won’t spare them and register a case against them for “torturing” party leader Shahbaz Gill throughout physical remand.

He conjointly known as out further District and Sessions decide (ADSJ) Zeba Chaudhry for approving police request of physical remand despite knowing that Gill was subjected to “torture”. “We won’t leave you [Zeba] and can conjointly file a case against her.”

In a joint statement, the ruling alliance in the main comprising PML-N, PPP, JUI-F, MQM-P et al “strongly condemned” the speech delivered by Imran weekday night at F-9 Park in capital of Pakistan.

The statement aforesaid Imran named the girl decide and conjointly vulnerable her. He conjointly tried to intimidate capital of Pakistan police by business out their officers in public, the statement another.

“These threats area unit blatant bullying and violation of law. ‘Traitor’ is that the one UN agency received foreign funding and aforethought to incite mutiny within the army,” scan the statement.

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They conjointly known as upon supreme judiciary to require immediate notice of Imran Khan’s threat to the feminine decide and take action against Imran Khan and his colleagues for busybodied within the affairs of the inside Ministry and threatening the officers and government employees performing arts their duties consistent with the law.

“Imran Khan ought to be created to abide by the Constitution and law,” aforesaid the despatch.

Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah conjointly vowed to require action against Imran for “threatening” the girl decide and police officers.

In a statement, he aforesaid the previous premier overtly hurled threats throughout a live speech.

“Get able to face the law. Imran Khan are control answerable for busybodied within the government affairs,” he was quoted as language.

Meanwhile, PDM representative Hafiz Hamdullah demanded the arrest of the previous premier, language there’s little question left that Imran Khan aforethought “mutiny within the military”.

“With the foreign funding of Israel and Republic of India, Imran Khan desires to begin a war in Pakistan,” he another in a very statement.



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