Former prime minister Imran Khan attended just one sitting of the National Assembly within the fourth parliamentary year, whereas he control the workplace of the prime minister, the Asian country Institute of Legislative Development and Transparency (PILDAT) aforesaid on weekday.

In its analysis of the National Assembly supported key performance indicators (KPIs) of the fourth year still as performance comparison of the fifteenth atomic number 11 with the fourteenth atomic number 11 tenure, PILDAT aforesaid that overall, the previous prime minister Imran attended solely thirty four or St Martin’s Day sittings of the fifteenth National Assembly.

The PILDAT report declared that Shehbaz Sharif, once taking oath because the Prime Minister on Apr eleven, 2022, had attended eight out of forty three or solely nineteen sittings of the National Assembly. It disclosed that minister Bilawal Bhutto remained the foremost vocal MNA followed by Shehbaz.

Being the opposition leader within the atomic number 11 until Apr ten, the analysis aforesaid, Shehbaz attended forty third (19 out of 43) sittings of the assembly in its fourth year, that was AN improvement from his thirteen attending throughout the third year of the fifteenth National Assembly.

MNA Raja Riaz Ahmad, WHO was declared because the leader of the opposition within the National Assembly on might twenty, 2022, has attended thirty fifth (13 out of 37) sittings of the National Assembly throughout the fourth year, it added.

As the fifteenth National Assembly all over fourth Parliamentary year, PILDAT’s comparative analysis additionally checked out however the 3 years and eight months amount of the National Assembly beneath the post of Imran was totally different from a similar amount within the fourteenth National Assembly.

During PTI government tenure – three years and eight months – within the fifteenth National Assembly, Bilawal was the foremost vocal MNA with a recorded speak time of one hour and fifty nine minutes, PILDAT noted, adding that Shehbaz Sharif, being PM and also the then leader of the opposition, spoke for one hour and fifty seven minutes,

PML-N’s Khawaja Asif spoke for one hour and twenty seven minutes; Ahsan Iqbal spoke for one hour and eleven minutes whereas PPP’s Shazia eucalypt spoke for fifty one minutes. “During this era within the house of 342 members,” it said, “174 (50.88% MNAs) failed to represent one minute within the Assembly.”

Out of those 174 non-vocal MNAs, the report browse, 149 were male and twenty five were ladies MNAs, adding eighty four of those MNAs (22% of the house) belonged to the PTI, forty eight MNAs from the PML-N and twenty three were related to the PPPP.

Legislative business

PILDAT aforesaid that the legislative activity witnessed a decrease of V-E Day within the fourth year of the fifteenth National Assembly because it passed fifty five laws, compared with sixty bills passed throughout the third year of the assembly.

However, during a comparison to the legislation between four years of fifteenth and fourteenth National Assembly, the fifteenth National Assembly has passed a hundred and fifty five bills within the 4-year amountwhereas the fourteenth National Assembly had passed a hundred twenty five bills in its 1st four years.

The fifteenth National Assembly has, therefore, passed pure gold a lot of laws within the same amount compared with the previous assembly. throughout the fourth year of the assembly, thirty two government bills were introduced compared to thirty one bills introduced within the third year, whereas personal members introduced solely forty six bills, that was a decline from third year, once seventy four bills were introduced.


Excessive reliance on provision ordinances had been witnessed throughout the four years of the fifteenth National Assembly as seventy four ordinances were arranged within the assembly. a small decrease was seen within the fourth year compared with the third year, as sixteen ordinances were arranged within the assembly within the fourth year compared with twenty throughout the third year – a decrease of concerning 2 hundredth.

Pending agenda

The fifteenth National Assembly couldn’t lose nearly forty first of planned agenda things in eighty seven sittings, that was a bulk of the agenda by any customary. On average, 58.87% agenda things were left over within the sittings throughout fourth year of the assembly.

NA attending

The fifteenth National Assembly had solely met for eighty seven days within the fourth parliamentary year. The assembly had met for 100% a lot of days than it absolutely was convened throughout its third year, that were seventy nine sittings.

On average, however, the fifteenth National Assembly met for eighty eight operating days annually in its 1st four years compared with a mean of ninety nine operating days annually within the previous (14th) National Assembly. this is often AN St Martin’s Day decrease within the performance of the fifteenth assembly compared to the fourteenth assembly.

Regarding the operating hours in its fourth year, the fifteenth assembly met for one78 hours and 1 minute. This meant that the operating hours of the assembly declined by eighteen from the third year once it had convened for a complete of 217 hours and ten minutes.

The average operating hours of the fifteenth National Assembly in four years were 258 hours and quarter-hourrather than improvement within the performance and productivity, the fifteenth National Assembly worked for 12-tone system fewer operating hours, compared to the previous fourteenth National Assembly.

MNAs’ attending

During the fourth year, the common attending of MNAs was recorded at sixty seven till Apr nine, 2022. once the PTI’s tenure, the common attending of MNAs throughout fourth year born to fifty onethat was fourteen share points below the attending of MNAs throughout the third year, that was sixty fifth.

Average attending of the MNAs within the 1st four years of the fifteenth National Assembly stood at sixty threeAN improvement of solely three share points over hour average attending of MNAs annually throughout the primary four years of the previous fourteenth National Assembly.

Even once the resignations of the PTI MNAs, the attending was calculated on the idea of poker hand, ie, 342 MNAs as their resignations had not been accepted formally.


During the fourth year of the 15th National Assembly, quorum was pointed out 34 times in 28 (32.18%) sittings, out of 87 sittings. Out of these 28 sittings, in which quorum was pointed out, 23 (26.44%) sittings were adjourned, even though on average 173 MNAs were recorded as present in the fourth year.

Budget session

The fourth year of the 15th National Assembly has seen just 14 days for the annual budget session and the passage of the Finance bill 2022-23, two days less than what was spent during the third year. The 15th National Assembly had seen a sharp decrease (56%) of working hours from 102 hours and 27 minutes to 45 hours and 7 minutes in the total time spent during the budget session during the fourth year.



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